How to Rock that High Waist Bikini

March 27, 2015 by admin | Filed under swimwear.

high waist bikini

The more conservative high waist bikini is now making a comeback. A lot of women especially those with tummy or waistline issues are interested in wearing this swimwear. And there are also those who simply wanted to try wearing a vintage bikini style. But the problem is; there’s always that risk for you to go wrong and ruin your look when you wear the wrong design or perhaps wear it inappropriately.

Here are some of the best tips on how you could rock and look gorgeous with that high waist swimwear:

Design Matters

Are you afraid to look old and outdated with your bikini? One of the things that sets high waist vintage bikini from the modern ones is the style or design. An old print will definitely make you look old. Among the modern and best designs for today include the floral, tiger, or stripes. A single or dual-tone bikini is simple but also would look best. Browse some of the best designs of Kenneth Cole swimwear.

Fitting matters

You also have to remember that the high waist bikini is more ideal for certain body types. They would look great for plus size, tall, and women with extra inches around the tummy or waist area. But everyone can have the opportunity to wear the bikini with one important condition. That is; the bikini should exactly fit your shape not only on the waist area but down until the feminine and torso area. If you wear a loose or baggy bikini, it would just make you look like wearing a granny’s underwear or diaper. Additionally, avoid wearing a too tight bikini as this would transform your upper body into that muffin top look.

Pairing matters

Aside from the high waist bikini bottom, you also have to consider the style of top you are pairing it with. The simples and best option you can go for is to wear a matching top. If you wear a distinctive bikini bottom that draws all the attention, it would eliminate that needed symmetry in terms of looks.


Finally, if you want to use a cover-up for your high waist bikini, you can use a flowy maxi or perhaps a shorter kaftan.

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