Kenneth Cole Swimwear

kenneth cole swimwear

Kenneth Cole swimwear can help you make a statement or style when going to the beach or perhaps plunging into the pool. This swimwear brand is considered better than other names because it focuses on design and of course, on swimwear essentials. With a huge collection of swimwear or bathing suits under 2 sub-lines, you will never go out of options.

Getting to know the Kenneth Cole brand

Kenneth Cole is a designer brand which is self-named after its owner and creator. Mr. Cole is an American clothing designer which started his career in creating various kinds of footwear. The company was founded in 1982 and initially ventured into shoe making. Today, the brand has grown into a multi-million dollar company that creates apparel, footwear, and different types of accessories both for men and women.

kenneth cole reaction swimwear

Types of swimwear offered by the brand

There are three general types of swimwear offered by the brand. And they belong under one of the company’s sub-line; Kenneth Cole Reaction swimwear and Kenneth Cole New York swimwear.

  1. One-Piece swimsuits. As their name suggests, these suits are single pieces which can flatter any body type. They provide plenty coverage especially on the wearer’s midsection. This is the perfect choice when shopping for plus size swimsuit.
  2. Two-Piece or Bikini swimsuits. These are the most popular types, swimwear that are exactly similar to underwear which is comprised of the bikini and bras. But compared to ordinary underwear, they have better designs and make fit for use in the public. Obviously bikini swimsuits are sexier and more revealing.
  3. Tankini swimsuits. Tankini evolved from the combination of a swimsuit and a tank top dress. If you’re on the conservative side or have issues with some of your body parts, this is the perfect sexy cover up.

kenneth cole new york swimwear

Why choose Kenneth Cole Swimwear

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having and wearing a piece or pair of this swimwear brand:

The brand has great and unique designs. The most noticeable thing about this swimwear brand is that the designs are quite unique and impressive. Take a look at its Kenneth Cole Reaction swimwear collection and it would be easy to fall in love with them.

Its swimwear compliment or flatter almost any body type. With Kenneth Cole, most of the swimwear pieces are ideal to all body types. If you really love a particular design, you can simply find a size that will fit.

It can enhance your confidence. Ever experienced the feeling of shyness when wearing a swimsuit? You should experience this when you choose the right type and style of Kenneth Cole swimsuit.

kenneth cole swimwear size chart

Tips when choosing and wearing your Kenneth Cole swimwear

  • Determine your body size to be able to search for a swimwear that will compliment it. There are usually four common types; the slim, skinny, pear, and apple types or shapes.
  • You are free to choose your design. Depending on your confidence level or body concern, you can choose to wear a one-piece suit, a tankini, or perhaps, the more daring two-piece. For example if you are pregnant, you can opt for a flattering maternity swimwear.
  • You can always complement your swimwear with accessories like a hat, lace shawl, wrap around bandana, etc.
  • Ensure a perfect fit by checking the Kenneth Cole swimwear size chart.

If your old swimsuits are no longer giving you that great level of confidence when flaunting your body at the beach, it’s now the time to shift to the Kenneth Cole brand.

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